San Pedro, Belize: What Makes this Quaint Central American Town a Must-Visit Vacation Destination 

San Pedro Belize sea beach

Characterized by old-wordly sandy streets and picturesque deep blue beaches, the charming town of San Pedro is located in Southern Ambergris Caye in Northern Belize in Central America. This gorgeous beach town attracts tourists from all over the world owing to its endless array of activities that anyone and everyone can enjoy. It truly is the ultimate vacation destination to explore the Caribbean sun, sand, and the sea to the fullest and spend time detoxing and rejuvenating. 

In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about planning a trip to San Pedro, Belize, and how you can truly make the most out of your tropical vacation. So, let’s dive right in. 

Best Time to Visit San Pedro in Belize’s Largest Island – Ambergris Caye

November to March is San Pedro’s peak season and ideal time to visit the town. This is also the dry season and comparatively cooler season when lots of tourists flock to San Pedro town to soak in the warm temperature and enjoy water sports. The summer months can get really humid, which is why these aren’t as popular among tourists who want to avoid the scorching heat. Since the summer receives less visitors, some attractions and activities also temporarily close down until the peak season commences. But, if you are looking for a relaxing summer trip away from all kinds of hustle-bustle, summer might be the perfect time for you to visit San Pedro. 

As for the monsoon, June to November tend to receive the highest rainfall. However, if you want to avoid the crowds and don’t mind walking around with an umbrella, you can plan your travel during these months for better hotel and flight rates. 

How to Reach San Pedro, Belize 

Depending on where you are headed from, there are several ways to get to San Pedro. Here’s how you can reach the breathtaking ‘La Isla Bonita’ from various nearby cities: 

From Belize City

You can get to San Pedro from Belize City either by plane or a water taxi. The hopper flight ride takes about 15 to 20 minutes and costs you upwards of $100 and the ferry takes about 1.5 hours but costs only $25 – $30. Both options are quite convenient with multiple trips leaving daily. 

If you want to catch a picturesque elevated view of the turquoise Caribbean waters and don’t mind paying extra, the hopper flight will be totally worth the memorable experience. However, for an inexpensive ride that does the job, you can always book a ferry from the water taxi terminal. 

From Chetumal, Mexico

If you are traveling from Mexico, you can ride an international water taxi from Chetumal that takes about 2 and a half hours to get you to San Pedro. A one-side trip would cost you upwards of MXN $1000. 

From Corozal, Belize

To get to San Pedro from Corozal, you can either catch a direct flight or hop on a direct ferry ride. Similar to the one from Belize City, the water taxi takes longer but costs less and the plane ride is a quick and expensive option. Alternatively, you can also first get a private transfer or bus to Belize City and then get to San Pedro using any of the transportation options we discussed above. 

From San Ignacio, Belize

You could either get a direct flight from San Ignacio to San Pedro that takes only about 30-40 minutes. The one way trip would cost you upwards of $150. Or you could get a shared shuttle to Belize City and then board a ferry to San Pedro. The entire trip would take around 4 to 5 hours, including pickup from your hotel, shuttle ride to the Belize City Water Taxi Terminal and finally, the ferry ride to San Pedro. 

Where to Eat in San Pedro, Belize

Once you’ve reached San Pedro, you are going to want to shortlist some eateries for every mood and occasion. We’ve got you covered on that front too. Here are some unmissable restaurants that you must try while in San Pedro. 

Seaside Eatery: Aji Tapa Bar and Restaurant

For an authentic Caribbean dining experience by the sea, don’t forget to visit the Aji Tapa Bar and Restaurant. Enjoy an incredible selection of freshly-caught seafood and tapas while being surrounded by blooming flowers and swaying palms. Whether you want to grab a quick bite, drop in for a cocktail, or have a romantic dinner with your significant other, you are promised an unforgettable culinary experience under the moonlight. You are also welcome to celebrate your special occasions at Aji Tapa. The team of event coordinators at the restaurant will make sure your special day is all the more memorable. 

Seaside Eatery Aji Tapa Bar and Restaurant

Food Truck Park: The Truck Stop

Popularly known as San Pedro’s number 1 entertainment destination, The Truck Stop is no ordinary restaurant. Belize’s first shipping container food truck park, The Truck Stop features an endless array of food options, an extensive outdoor games area, and special events such as live music or game shows hosted every night. With an 18-foot movie screen and a swimming pool with a swim up bar, The Truck Stop sure offers a one-of-a-kind experience trying out authentic and local Belizean flavors – all under one roof. 

Food Truck Park: The Truck Stop

Fine Dining: The Hidden Treasure Restaurant & Lounge

Nestled in a residential neighborhood in the South of San Pedro town, this restaurant offers an elegant and unparalleled fine dining experience in a rustic setting. Perfect for a romantic candlelight dinner San Pedro style, the Hidden Treasure promises an exotic experience under a hardwood roof featuring renowned Belizean musicians playing melodious Caribbean, Latin and American tunes. 

Inexpensive Eats: Robin’s Kitchen

Specializing in Caribbean and Jamaican flavors, this local shack features outdoor seating, live music, table service, and a highly curated menu offering a selection of specialty dishes. This locally owned and operated eatery is equally popular among locals and tourists alike, and rumor has it that their most popular dishes sell out pretty quickly, so it’s recommended that you head there early. 

Inexpensive Eats Robin’s Kitchen

Adventure Activities to do in San Pedro Town

No trip to San Pedro is complete without indulging in water adventure sports that the city is known for. Plan your itinerary to include the following adventure activities and you’ll not be disappointed: 

Scuba Diving in The Belize Barrier Reef

Being home to the second largest barrier reef in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Belize has breathtaking diving sites unlike any other you’ve ever seen. A trip to San Pedro is incomplete without a scuba diving trip into the deep blue turquoise waters where Caribbean underwater wildlife resides. There are multiple diving sites in the Belize Barrier Reef and you can choose one depending on your comfort and skill level. If you are an experienced diver open to adventure, The Great Blue Hole is the deepest diving site where you will find humongous stalactite formations from thousands of years ago. 

Zip Lining in the Belizean Jungle

With tons of aerial adventure parks in San Pedro, zip lining through the Belizean jungle is an excellent way to enjoy a bird eye’s view of the Caribbean rainforest in all its glory. You get to cruise through the wilderness in a double-cable zipline course and spend some precious time in the great outdoors. 

Swim With Nurse Sharks at Hol Chan Marine Reserve

A marine reserve nestled between Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve hosts a large concentration of nurse sharks as well as specific varieties of fish, crab, sea turtles, lobsters, and stingrays. Snorkeling with nurse sharks among vibrant coral reefs is a one-of-a-kind experience you can only get at Hol Chan. The Shark and Ray alley, in particular, is where you can really get up close and personal with packs of stingrays and nurse sharks.

Cave Tubing in Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave

What can be better than floating down a river surrounded by crystalline Mayan caves in a rubber tube? An archeological site featuring skeletons, ceramics, and stoneware from centuries ago when the Mayan civilization existed in San Pedro, the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave is truly a sight to behold. And the best way to explore these dark and mysterious caves is by cave tubing through them. You’ll be accompanied by highly skilled and experienced tour guides who will take you back in time and shed light on the significance of these caves back in the day as you ride in your tubes. 

Sightseeing Spots to Enjoy in San Pedro, Belize

If you don’t particularly enjoy thrilling activities, there’s still so much for you to do in San Pedro. Check out the following sightseeing spots to immerse yourself in the history and culture of this mesmerizing island town: 

The Belize Chocolate Company 

Known for making artisanal and craft chocolates from Belizean beans that have been grown on small family farms, the Belize Chocolate Company is situated in downtown San Pedro where you can try and purchase all their products. All their chocolates are hand-made daily and they also offer a wide range of chocolate drinks and desserts – an absolute delight for your taste buds. A zero waste and locally managed facility, this is a must-visit spot, especially if you want to grab some quick gifts for friends and family back home. 

The Belize Chocolate Company

The Secret Beach

Not much of a secret anymore, this beach club is the perfect place to relax by the clear waters, sip refreshing cocktails, and try out fresh seafood while letting go of your stresses. With multiple bars and food shacks right on the beautiful sandy beach, you can easily spend your day lounging and soaking in the sun with your special someone. You can also indulge in beach sports such as volleyball or polo to have some fun if you’re a larger group. 

Sunset Boat Excursions 

To truly unwind and rejuvenate, book one of the sunset cruises that take you for a calming sail as you admire the glorious sun disappear into the majestic Caribbean sea. An unmissable trip for photography enthusiasts who love to capture the gorgeous sunset sky and its myriad of colors. Some cruises offer dinner while on board – the perfect way to enjoy a Belizean meal while in the middle of Caribbean waters. 

Where to Stay in San Pedro, Belize 

When it comes to planning your stay, there are a plethora of options in San Pedro that are enough to confuse you. Let’s go over the various types of accommodations available for tourists in San Pedro town: 

Luxurious High End Hotels 

If you are looking for a high-end, modern hotel for your trip to San Pedro, you are not going to  be disappointed. There are a plethora of elegant hotels that have all facilities that you could ever imagine and promise a comfortable and heavenly stay. From luxurious suites to rustic villas, hotels in San Pedro Belize have it all depending on your unique preferences and requirements. 

Inexpensive Inns and Hostels

If you’re traveling on a budget, San Pedro has a wide range of inns, hostels, and cozy establishments that won’t hurt your pocket. These offer economy rooms and affordable rates and all necessary amenities. If you want to be close to all the action, then San Pedro downtown is where you should be staying, but if you like the peace and quiet, you can also look for inexpensive options slightly away from the city center.  

Picturesque Seaside Resorts 

Seaside resorts are a San Pedro speciality. If you are looking to plan a luxurious vacation of your dreams, there are many resorts in San Pedro that promise an experience of a lifetime. From yoga retreats to spa treatments to beach side dinners, these resorts offer all of it and so much more. For a relaxing, exotic, and indulgent Caribbean vacation, go ahead and book a stay at a dreamy resort in San Pedro, Belize. 

Book an Extravagant Caribbean Stay at the Bella Vista Resort Properties 

Located along the captivating sandy beaches of Ambergris Caye, the Bella Vista Resort offers a wide range of suites for every preference and requirement. Quick access to the beach, pier, swimming pool, kayaks, bicycles, and golf carts ensures that you are never too far from enjoying the activities San Pedro is known for in this Belizean shores resort. 

Apart from our excellent customer service that guests continually praise, the Bella Vista Resort is known for its seaside restaurant – Aji Tapa that offers an unforgettable fine dining experience just steps away from the beach and luxurious on-site amenities such as spa treatments and special poolside events. If you are planning a trip to San Pedro anytime soon, book a stay with us for an authentic and memorable Belizean experience in a luxurious resort.

Restaurants in San Pedro, Belize To Indulge in the Lip Smacking Local Caribbean Flavors

Restaurants in San Pedro Belize

A small town in Belize’s largest island – Ambergris Caye, San Pedro is nothing short of a cultural hotspot, owing to the diverse communities that have inhabited it and shaped its history over the last couple of centuries. Food is an integral part of the rich and vibrant heritage of San Pedro, influenced mainly by Central and South American cultures. From rice and beans and salbutes to ceviche and tamales, every dish you try in San Pedro has a historical significance and story that only locals can tell you. 

From street food to fine dining by the sea, restaurants in San Pedro, Belize have so much to add to your entire experience of exploring the island. The traditional flavors of Mexican, Mayan, Caribbean, and Spanish cultures that you get to taste at the restaurants in San Pedro, Belize are unparalleled and unique to the place. What adds to the culinary charm of this rustic Central American town is how the flavors are not modified to cater to tourists, but are proudly authentic – something that gives you a sneak peek into the Belizean way of life. 

So, if you’re ready to dive into one of the top culinary adventures in the world, here are the restaurants in San Pedro, Belize that you absolutely need to visit: 

Aji Tapa Bar and Restaurant: One of the Finest Culinary Experiences in San Pedro, Belize 

A laidback bar and restaurant, Aji Tapa promises you a wholesome, memorable, and picturesque culinary experience, only steps away from the Caribbean sea. Enjoy true Belizean flavors under the moonlight, as the cool sea breeze rejuvenates you. The menu at Aji Tapas bar and restaurant is designed to give you a taste of the local flavors of Ambergris Caye. Our delectable selection of freshly-caught seafood is unlike anything you’ve tasted before and our wide varieties of tapas are the perfect way to savor a traditional Spanish meal. 

Aji Tapa is located just steps away from the Bella Vista Resort, so if that’s where you are staying, you’ll never be too far from an authentic Caribbean meal. If you are traveling to San Pedro to celebrate a special occasion, we would love to host you to make your day even more special. Just let us know in advance and our staff will go above and beyond to make your experience memorable.

Our guests cherish their experience at Aji Tapas because of the mouthwatering food, exemplary service, and the captivating ambiance of dining by the sea. 

Sweet beach-front fine dining

Lovely little spot for fine dining with comfort on the beach. Had lobster app and lobster special for dinner and the flavors were great. Service was superb and love the quaint cozy atmosphere on the beach.

The Truck Stop

It’s not a restaurant or a bar! Located in the North of San Pedro, The Truck Stop is Belize’s very own shipping container food truck park. The Truck Stop is popular among tourists as an exciting place to hang out, meet new people, and spend time with friends and family. With a central open seating area and food trucks surrounding it, The Truck Stop offers a plethora of street food options including Latin American and South East Asian cuisines, pizzas, and ice cream. If you are heading there on a weekend, you can enjoy live music concerts, movie watching on an 18-foot screen, and game nights out in the outdoors. The best time to visit is around the afternoon so you can watch the sunset and then spend your evening relishing the various street food options along with live music. 

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Elvi’s Kitchen 

Established by Elvia Staines around four decades ago, this legacy restaurant has come a long way from being a small takeout window to now being one of the most revered dining joints in San Pedro, Belize. The restaurant specializes in savory seafood and has received many accolades for serving authentic Mayan cuisine and preserving the heritage of the Mayan civilization. 

Despite its popularity, Elvi’s Kitchen has the charm of a family-owned business, which is absolutely delightful to experience as a tourist. The Mayan buffet they serve is worth every penny and more – something you can add to your list if you’re looking to experience the Mayan culture. 

Image Source

Wild Mangos

Located at the Barrier Reef Drive, Wild Mangos is a sea-facing restaurant specializing in local Caribbean, Latin, and South American cuisine. Pork tenderloin, pumpkin ravioli, ceviche, and cashew crusted grouper are just a few of the many succulent dishes you get to savor at this tropical food paradise, while watching the breathtaking deep blue waters. Wild Mangos also has its very own vegan menu which makes it a popular choice among vegetarian and vegan travelers. 

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Belize Chocolate Company 

A quaint beachside boutique, Belize Chocolate Company is a chocolate cafe and gift shop that is known for its dark, milk, and white chocolate drinks and treats that are made from organically grown and sourced ingredients from Belize. A cute little cafe that allows you to satiate your sweet cravings as you taste their delicious chocolate and coffee treats and experience the chocolate-making process. From truffles to milkshakes, there’s so much to revel in at the Belize Chocolate Company that you wouldn’t want to leave without trying the entire menu. Once you’re done indulging in cocoa decadence by the beach, you can buy gifts for your friends and family back home. 

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Blue Water Grill

Known for its flavorsome food, friendly guest service, and beachfront location, Blue Water Grill is a multi-cuisine restaurant that specializes in ceviche, sushi, tacos, grouper, and fresh salads. The laid-back atmosphere of the restaurant will give you a sense of the Belizean lifestyle at its best as you enjoy an authentic meal accompanied by the sea breeze. The joint is known for its incredible breakfast menu and daily specials (sushi Tuesdays and Thursdays) which keep bringing tourists back to this gem. 

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Estel’s Dine by the Sea

Open as early as 6 am, Estel’s Dine by the Sea is San Pedro’s most loved breakfast joint known for its fry jacks, freshly-squeezed fruit juices, Mayan eggs, breakfast burritos, and johnny cakes. If you can get a table on the porch or terrace, you are in for some spectacular views as you enjoy your meal. With your feet soaked in the sand and meals served on wooden tables, the entire vibe of the restaurant is tropical, soothing, and relaxing. Given how authentically Belizean it is, Estel’s Dine by the Sea is popular among locals as it is among tourists.  

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The Hidden Treasure Restaurant & Lounge

If you are looking to have a romantic, candlelight dinner with your significant other on this gorgeous Belizean island, The Hidden Treasure is a great choice. Located in a residential neighborhood, this rustic restaurant offers a fine dining experience like none other. The restaurant specializes in Caribbean and Latin American cuisine, and promises a luxurious culinary experience in a wooden establishment, accompanied by fresh tropical air. Serving only dinner from Wednesdays to Mondays, The Hidden Treasure is an award-winning restaurant where you can enjoy live music with your meals on Thursdays. 

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In Closing 

If you are planning a trip to San Pedro, we’d love to host you at the Aji Tap Bar and Restaurant and take you on an authentic Belizean culinary adventure. Click here to see our carefully curated menu or make a reservation here